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Tracking conversion is one of the most important thing to do within search engine optimization

If you're driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization or any other search engine marketing campaign, conversion tracking needs to be set in place if you want to track internet marketing success. So many of us forget that business is conversion based they start focusing on being #1 for certain word and they [...]

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Building Websites That Are Responsive to Mobile Devices

By now you know if you are going to be doing business that you are going to need a website. And now more than ever it's important to understand that designing websites isn't always something someone who's trying to run a business should try to take on. Of course you can do it yourself, but [...]

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5 Steps For Building an Internet Marketing Strategy

If you want to grow your business than you need to have a good strategy for advertising. Goal oriented strategies need to be planned for internet marketing too. The web is great, because it has huge potential for for anyone who takes the time to make it work for them. Yes, it takes time to [...]

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Social Media for Insurance Companies

I just got done teaching a seminar at iDay to most of the top insurance agencies and agents about social media and how it can grow their business. While in front of the huge room of people I starting thinking to myself that there is more potential there than I was expecting. Insurance companies using [...]

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Five Things You Can Do Today That Will Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the most powerful and fastest growing social networks available today is LinkedIn. With a major focus on helping people do business online and achieve professional goals. Everyone who won't get on Facebook is on Linkedin. I am doing a lot of training for Linkedin and I always notice how many people forget to [...]

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Making facebook pages work for your business

It flew right in and took over the way we live, act and do business. These days everyone is on facebook, and smart businesses are trying to reach out and interact with these people, this "everyone" that facebook is. It came so fast a lot of people and business owners want to learn how to [...]

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My Father is My Best Teacher

Happy Birthday Gary Sumner! I'm so lucky to have a father like mine. He's taught me so much about everything, and he made me the man I am today. Thanks dad! not that he ever goes on the internet, but I still cant stop thinking of him today, on his birthday. Hes given me vision, [...]

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Designing Websites in Utica, NY

March is here! Its been a mild winter and I've had lots of fun with my winter activities, but its time for spring. I'm looking forward to the spring. The air tastes different, and people are ready to go outside again. If you've been reading these blogs then you know that the Utica's St Patricks [...]

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