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Strategy is my Strength

Everyone has goals in life, and if you don't, where are you going? Recently I discovered the importance of goals, having them, reaching them and what happens when you accomplish them. My whole life I grew up doing athletic things, and I had sort of a bad car accident that played a major role in [...]

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Exciting Things Coming in 2006

This year already looks to be filled with excitement, there are new projects rolling in and I have tons of plans for the year. It's winter here in upstate NY even though we haven't seen snow in a few weeks it really is winter. I have been so busy designing the 2006 edition product catalog [...]

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Building a New Website

This is my first entry on this blog. I'm currently building the new website for JS Design. Finally after almost 2 years of using the old site. I'm happy to give a face lift to it. The other one was out dated and didn't really represent the company as much as it this one. I [...]

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