This is my first entry on this blog. I’m currently building the new website for JS Design. Finally after almost 2 years of using the old site. I’m happy to give a face lift to it. The other one was out dated and didn’t really represent the company as much as it this one. I just finished the Dogo site, this was a challenging one. I had a bunch of problems working with the ISP. We got it up and running, the client is happy so what more can I ask for. In 2005 we kept pretty busy here. Designing a new site for the Electric Company a bar in Utica, NY, this was a fun site to work on. The people at the EC are so nice and have a great vision for their company. I also did a site for Alpine Panels, they still have some pages under construction but im sure they’ll get that content to me and we’ll be rollin in no time. The EZ Riders Snowmobile Club was on the list for receiving a new site this year as well. This is another fun site I hope I can get to go for a ride with these guys. Major updates and changes to the FIS site, and there is so much more I’m planning on doing in the early part of this year. Keep checking out all of these sites and watch how they grow. Also throughout last year I designed tons of random things, a menu for Backstreets Brewing Company, Custom invitations galore and several new logos for some local companies. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and hit “control D” right now so you can keep yourself up to date with what we got going on. Hopefully I continue to do all that needs to be done, I got an iPod for Christmas and it has absorbed me. I am constantly loading it with songs, pictures and videos. I’m glad to have it though, I always wanted one and now I got one and I’m enjoying it.