By now you know if you are going to be doing business that you are going to need a website. And now more than ever it’s important to understand that designing websites isn’t always something someone who’s trying to run a business should try to take on. Of course you can do it yourself, but so far in my 15 years of website development I have not seen a website produced by a business owner that was really something they were totally proud of, or didn’t want to improve if they could.

Now more than ever people who are starting new businesses or mature business professionals need to pay close attention to their website, how it looks and what it’s strategy is.

Technology is advancing. More people are accessing the internet through their smart phones and on their tablets. Business owners need to embrace this and get ready for the mobile shift.

One of the smartest things you can do is build your website so it is responsive to all different kinds of devices and screen sizes. If you build a responsive theme you will be able to reach people while they are at work searching on their computers, and you can reach them on the go on their phones or tablets.

What is a responsive website design?

Simply put, a responsive website is flexible it will work on any device that is accessing it. Beyond that a responsive website will actually be optimized for use on a smart phone or tablet. Have you ever accessed a website from your iPhone and had to zoom in with your fingers to navigate, after you finally can click the link you wanted then the same format loads and you once again have to zoom in. It makes browsing the internet on a smart phone difficult.

As more people are searching the web on their phones and shopping on the go, you need to make sure the website that represents your company is optimized to perform on a computer, a tablet and a smart phone. It will allow you to reach your customers where they are and when they need you.

Even if you have a website now that is working good, it can be working better. It’s time to embrace the technology changes and make sure you’re delivering your website content in a format that your audience wants. It will help you do better business online.