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My Father is My Best Teacher

Happy Birthday Gary Sumner! I'm so lucky to have a father like mine. He's taught me so much about everything, and he made me the man I am today. Thanks dad! not that he ever goes on the internet, but I still cant stop thinking of him today, on his birthday. Hes given me vision, [...]

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Designing Websites in Utica, NY

March is here! Its been a mild winter and I've had lots of fun with my winter activities, but its time for spring. I'm looking forward to the spring. The air tastes different, and people are ready to go outside again. If you've been reading these blogs then you know that the Utica's St Patricks [...]

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Strategy is my Strength

Everyone has goals in life, and if you don't, where are you going? Recently I discovered the importance of goals, having them, reaching them and what happens when you accomplish them. My whole life I grew up doing athletic things, and I had sort of a bad car accident that played a major role in [...]

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Exciting Things Coming in 2006

This year already looks to be filled with excitement, there are new projects rolling in and I have tons of plans for the year. It's winter here in upstate NY even though we haven't seen snow in a few weeks it really is winter. I have been so busy designing the 2006 edition product catalog [...]

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Building a New Website

This is my first entry on this blog. I'm currently building the new website for JS Design. Finally after almost 2 years of using the old site. I'm happy to give a face lift to it. The other one was out dated and didn't really represent the company as much as it this one. I [...]

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