March is here! Its been a mild winter and I’ve had lots of fun with my winter activities, but its time for spring. I’m looking forward to the spring. The air tastes different, and people are ready to go outside again. If you’ve been reading these blogs then you know that the Utica’s St Patricks Day Parade is coming up this is always a good time for me and mine, I like to get out there early and flood the streets with Utica Club beer and jello shots. Last year we even got mayor Tim Julian to take one with us. This year will be similar, i will most likely be sleeping by 4pm tired out from drinking to much and walking the streets of Utica all day. I think my brother is coming home for this, that’s exciting. Other than that March has started off on a good foot, and i hope it all increases. Ive been keeping busy with work, I have gotten a new client Crosspoint International, this is a company with HUGE potential. Their business focuses on international commerce and gives small and medium size companies a chance to compete with the ever growing market in China. You ask…. what does that mean? Well the large companies in the western world have already moved a lot of their business to china, sourcing, manufacturing, and utilizing the cost advantages gained by doing business with China. As of now we are finishing up a brochure and branding package for XPI, and will soon tackle the website design they require. I’ve also been totally obsessed with google, I’ve been reading their book about the rise of their empire and it has inspired me. I’m currently undergoing intense training to update my brain with all the technical advances with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In what seems to be such a complicated task as I learn I am finding out its the simple things that count. as things progress I hope to expand JS Design’s capabilities so I can accommodate clients with SEO service and consulting. Today I leave for My sisters house, all the way in VA. The long drive will be worth it though, I’ll get to see my sister and her family that I haven’t see in over a year. To top it off she just had another baby, so that’s even more family for me to love.