This year already looks to be filled with excitement, there are new projects rolling in and I have tons of plans for the year. It’s winter here in upstate NY even though we haven’t seen snow in a few weeks it really is winter. I have been so busy designing the 2006 edition product catalog for Fiber Instrument Sales, I haven’t had the time to go enjoy it. But I have a few trips planned to go snowboarding, and maybe to visit some family. My sister is expecting, and I think she’s due in mid February. I’m very excited to have another nephew to love. I will be visiting her and her family after the madness settles down from the child birth. Before that I think I’m going to see my brother in Plymouth for his B-day. I find it hard to have my brother and sister grow up and move away from here. I miss them, and I know I’m not living up to be the best uncle I can be, But I love it here in Utica. The people are friendly and even if some people might tell you otherwise, there are plenty of things to do if you have an open mind. I’m excited to what’s gonna go down this year. First off I have to announce the Utica St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 18th. This is a time when us Uticans get up and go celebrate on the streets of Utica. There is a lot of drinking going on, and and everyone is out to have a good time. I’m sure I’ll report back to tell you what went down.