linkedin-trainingOne of the most powerful and fastest growing social networks available today is LinkedIn. With a major focus on helping people do business online and achieve professional goals. Everyone who won’t get on Facebook is on Linkedin. I am doing a lot of training for Linkedin and I always notice how many people forget to do the following things.

There are so many people who still haven’t taken full advantage of LinkedIn’s professional network.

Here are five things you can do today to improve your LinkedIn profile:

Get a picture on your profile. If you have a profile set up and you don’t have a picture, people won’t know who you are They might even think you’re not a real person. You don’t have to have a professional photo taken. Just get one that looks decent so you can show people who you are, and that you’re ready to do business.

Finish filling out your profile. You went to school, you’ve had jobs, you’re working… tell people about it. Show them what you can do. It’s so easy, but yet so many people are forgetting to do it.

Add special skills. People are looking for special skills, that’s why it’s so important fill them out. There’s a lot of other people that may do the same thing you’re doing. It’s your special skills that put you above the rest. If you showcase these on your LinkedIn profile you’ll stand out more.

Get recommendations. Have someone write a recommendation for you who you’ve done good work for the past. This is going to reinforce your ability to anyone who’s looking at your profile.

Update, update, update! There’s so many different ways you can update your profile on a regular basis. You should always be fine tuning your summary, adding new skills you learn and don’t forget a call to action. You can also update people with what you’re working on and little tidbits of information similar to what you doing on twitter. You can even connect your twitter account so it automatically feeds to your LinkedIn account. These constant updates will separate you from all the other stale accounts.