I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged here in a while, I wanted to, really. Time has been doing its ticking thing and life is moving on. Getting married took a lot out of me, it wasn’t bad, and I love my wife but it was a step that I took that to a few steps back on me. Trying to help organize the wedding, hoping that everything goes as planned, blah, blah, blah. Anyhoo im back at it, and a lot has changed, I have built a few new websites, and I’m going after new things. Right now I am in Florida, and attending a daily search engine optimization seminar at Disney. As a designer I will be able to not only design cool sites but help them be found through some quality keyword phrases. I highly recommend this class, I’ve been taking it for three days now and have learned a bundle of quality information to keep me on top of my game. They instruct us on all the details and answer all the questions we ask, there were BIG names there too, a guy that sells quality teak furniture, even an executive from Readers Digest. A lot more came into play here, I realized I haven’t been totally wrong with what my approach has been thus far, and found out a lot about dynamic websites and what has to be done to make them work for SEO thanks to Robin Nobles, John Alexander and Dave Barry. Im actually considering taking the valuable information they have been teaching me and starting my own search engine optimization company in Utica, NY. There isn’t a lot there but the companies that are there could really grow their business if they hire an search engine bee like me. I’m going to sleep now maybe I can get up early enough to not get lost on the Disney Campus, Its nucking futs there.