linkedin trainingYour success in tapping in to LinkedIn’s rich source of contacts, business connections and industry intelligence depends on your comfort level with the platform itself. It is a tool with powerful networking abilities. We’ll teach you the basics (LinkedIn Bootcamp) and/or the advanced functionality (LinkedIn Advanced) and show you how it works to sell you, market your business and to strengthen relationships. Take our Bootcamp and Advanced courses to become more comfortable, more aware of the opportunities and to be more visible.

Prerequisite: You should have created a LinkedIn account, even if it’s pretty empty

LinkedIn is the most powerful social network for sharing your professional credentials. It’s also a most resourceful search engine for finding talent, skills, even products and services.

You’ll also learn the brilliance of building up your network – it opens doors that provide in-depth intelligence on every contact in your network unlike any other service available. And, jobs – oh yeah, they’re plentiful there too…LinkedIn is becoming the place for professionals to network, look for jobs, and “be found” by employers.

If you’re just starting out with your LinkedIn profile and you’re an executive in transition or someone in the midst of a career change, this LinkedIn Bootcamp is for you!  We’ll show you how to raise your visibility on LinkedIn so you can be found, most of which is reliant on how you define yourself in your profile. Even if you’ve been using LinkedIn for a while, it’s time to refresh your profile so you can get the most from this powerful tool. We guarantee that everyone will learn something new about LinkedIn in this eye-opening class.

Prerequisite: Completion of LinkedIn Bootcamp, or an advanced LinkedIn profile (at least 70% complete, more than 30 connections)

You have a polished profile on LinkedIn, and have connected with some contacts, but you aren’t using it. You’re wondering if you did, what you might find in the way of new clients, new business opportunities, more qualified employees or even a new job. In our LinkedIn Advanced course, we’ll show you how to enhance your profile with LinkedIn Apps, build up more connections and be “top of mind,” engage in LinkedIn Group discussions, and learn what creating your own Group or using LinkedIn Answers can do for you. Everything you do now to build relationships offline, can be translated into a LinkedIn activity. We’ll show you how, and to be efficient in doing so.

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