Happy Birthday Gary Sumner! I’m so lucky to have a father like mine. He’s taught me so much about everything, and he made me the man I am today. Thanks dad! not that he ever goes on the internet, but I still cant stop thinking of him today, on his birthday. Hes given me vision, ability, and he’s helping me learn patience. all these things will help me in business, in love, and I can pass all these valuable life ethics to my children one day. Ok, ok, I’m done with the dad talk. Austin, Texas marks my first plane riddin destination. Sure id rather take a train, but who’s got 4 days to waste, I got to make it down there to meet with one of the worlds biggest companies, 3M™. I hope I can leave a good impression of myself there with them. I’m sure I will do a great job representing myself and FIS. We are to be preparing plans how to advertise the 2 companies together. aside from the work this will be my first time in Austin. I will be looking to explore as much as possible. and i will be taking photos so check the gallery for their arrival.