Expert Social Media Consulting In Utica NY

Social Media is the new “word of mouth” method for gaining business by referral, creating customer perceptions, and driving purchasing decisions. The technology may be different, but essentially it’s still all about communicating. Your business needs implement social media marketing and join in the conversation, but that’s only the beginning.

Our Social Media Consulting will help you do the right things with social media

What is your goal, and how do you rate your success within the network of ever-changing technology? Reaching the community through online conversation to promote sales, branding and traffic is a good place to start. But a solid social strategy needs to expand and accelerate throughout your entire organization. Start to “think social” company wide. It all starts here. We’ll establish your presence on the social networks that will best promote your business profile, and quantify your ROI.

Social Media is Motion

Counting Facebook followers, and posting “Like This Page” contests to court customers isn’t necessarily going to build brand loyalty. And Facebook ads can be a turn off, especially for savvy users. Building a successful following requires regular engagement.¬†We will attract influential followers and insiders who can spread your message for you, and get a positive reaction, instead of resorting to transparent gimmicks. The key is to turn your fans into customers. This is what a successful social networking strategy is all about. Prominent, above the fray visibility yielding tangible feedback, loyalty and action.

Make Your Website Social

It’s important not to only depend on outside platforms to spread your message. We’ll optimize your existing site for sharing and obtaining data. We’ll also measure your social activity and “likes” in both your site and Facebook itself with Facebook’s open graph. We’ll keep your site status both relevant and engaging with regular blog posts, tips and advice.