Social Media for Business Owners and Executives

This is our entry-level social media training it’s for those who know they need to know about social media marketing but don’t yet have the fundamentals. This training is open to people at all levels but is best for those who do not yet manage business social media presences and who are trying to learn what social media is and why its an important part of online marketing.

Get Started With the Basic Fundamentals of Social Media

Learn what social media is, how it started, and how people are using it for business. Taking this first step can help you develop what strategies you need to implement for your business to take advantage of social media

This Social Media Training is Built Teach You The Following:

  • Basics of social media
  • Introduction to the different social media platforms
  • How does social media work
  • Developing Social Media Guidelines
  • Social media strategies

Taking this class isn’t going to turn you into a social media expert, but it will prepare you for what is coming next and even give you some ideas as how to take make the most of social media for your business.