social-media-expertI just got done teaching a seminar at iDay to most of the top insurance agencies and agents about social media and how it can grow their business. While in front of the huge room of people I starting thinking to myself that there is more potential there than I was expecting. Insurance companies using social media properly will build better relationships with their clients.

The fact is, everybody needs insurance. Whether it’s for there car, their health or life insurance to leave their family after they pass> with the number of people who use social media growing so fast the connection is an obvious one.

Insurance companies need to implement social media strategies

In my class I came across a bunch of people who were scared to embrace the power of social media, but at the same time, they know they need to learn it and make it part of their internet marketing strategies.

Social media for insurance companies is going to change everything. Right now they are on TV, they are advertising about there do it all websites and people are using the new tools.

But I foresee social media taking a bigger role in the insurance industry there will be more client interaction from agent to customer and people connecting in new ways.

Of course there could be some negative things like customers using social media to make complaints. But that’s just a small piece of the pie.

The upside is massive! Insurance companies are all about people, and selling it is very social. People are always getting in accidents and if you take the time to listen or search you can find people who need your help. If they know you sell insurance they will start contacting you through social networking channels. As an agent and a customer build a relationship on social media networks, they will connect about other things. Soon the agent is a trusted friend. They will become an advocate of you and refer business to you.

As I said in my social media training. “Embrace social media, encourage agents to use it, and reward them when it works.”