Everyone has goals in life, and if you don’t, where are you going? Recently I discovered the importance of goals, having them, reaching them and what happens when you accomplish them. My whole life I grew up doing athletic things, and I had sort of a bad car accident that played a major role in my life and my athletic activities. Basically after the accident I gave up on them, scared to re-injure myself and finding it hard to deal with pain from the injury. Just this past year i really started to resent the fact that i gave things up, things i really enjoyed such as skiing. So I did something about it. I decided to take up snowboarding. I got myself a new board and a lift ticket and hit the bunny hill at Woods Valley in Rome, NY. I’ve never done it before! So my first time out i had a hurt’n backside. I used to roller blade, I used to skateboard, I’ve even surfed, so i thought getting the hang of the snowboard would be cake. It really wasn’t. I was very disappointed in myself the next day. But I set a goal, and i don’t remember anytime in my life where i gave up. So, on Saturday i went back to the bunny hill trying to get my practice in and teach myself the art of snowboarding. After a few hours something clicked. I had figured it out. Im not ready for the X-games yet, but i can do it, and with more practice i sould get better. After this success i had the confidence i needed, and it was because i accomplished my goal. I felt like a million bucks. So now i will remember how important goals are, they give you confidence, and ambition. They can make you a better person, more valuable in the professional world, and you become more self reliant knowing you can accomplish anything.